Here at Barr Residential, we feel called to live in deep connection with our community.  We wish to serve our neighbors with integrity and excellent service, however our desire to serve goes beyond our expertise. We hope to create dynamic breakthrough in our city by giving, serving, and leading with intention.

Barr Residential has a heart for local charities and organizations. These are three areas in which we feel convicted to serve.

  • Reaching the Impressionable

Young people are deeply impressionable. We understand the importance of reaching out to this generation, during a time when they are seeking guidance and direction.  We hope to offer encouragement to live faithful productive lives.

  • An Army of Influence

Much of who we are, is shaped by the influence of others.  We stand behind and support organizations that train leaders.  We would love to see our community impacted by a faith-filled influence. 

  • Encouraging Health

We want to encourage you to live the life you were created for.  This is fully enhanced with a sustained healthy lifestyle.  We partner with local gyms to give away memberships so that those that desire to be healthy…can.