Our Community


Here at Barr Residential, we have a conviction that we are called to live deeply connected to our community. We will always serve our neighbors with high integrity and great service. But our desire to serve goes beyond our expertise. We want to create dynamic breakthrough in our city by giving, serving, and leading with intentionality.

Barr Residential has a history of giving to many local charities and organizations. This list is long and extensive, but there are a few things that we will always be apart of.

Reaching the Impressionable

There is a certain age where young people are deeply impressionable. We know that reaching those in this stage is critical to overcoming hurdles created by socio-economic conditions, family realities, and peer pressure. We love being apart of people finding their direction in life and helping them walk faithful productive lives.


Breeding Influencers

The outside voice of others is something that truly shaped many of us. We love giving to organizations that train leaders. We would love to see every area of our community impacted by the voice of faith-filled influencers. 


Encouraging Health

You know that you can trust Barr to protect your family. But we don't just want to help you survive life, we want to encourage those around us to live the lives they were created for. This is fully enhanced with a sustained healthy lifestyle. We partner with local gyms and clubs to giveaway memberships so that those that desire to be healthy … can.